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What is the
Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy?

The Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy is a powerful online programme that provides players, coaches and parents with fast acting and game changing sport psychology techniques. Fun and informative animated videos bring mental skills to life through bite-sized sessions, real life case studies and motivating pep-talks. Learning the psychology of soccer has never been easier

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Learn Mental Skills Together

Consisting of three impactful video series, this unique programme has been designed by Dan for players, coaches and parents to work together on mental skills

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Player Series

Simple techniques help players build confidence, improve focus and play at their best time and again

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Coach Series

Step-by-step strategies help coaches develop their coaching skills, create optimal learning environments and assist players to high perform more consistently

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Parent Series

Practical ideas inform parents how to best support their child in their soccer at every stage of their development

Sport Psychology Made Easy

With the aim of demystifying sport psychology, Dan simplifies complex psychological strategies breaking them down into informative and practical videos using innovative animation software. Take a look at the video below to learn more

Ready to Master the Mental Game?

If you’re a player, coach or parent ready to take action on the mental side of the game take a look below for information about the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy Individual Plans

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If you are part of a school, college, club or academy and want to find out about the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy Team Plans for organisations, take a look below