Golf Psychology - Dan Abrahams Working in Golf

Dan Abrahams has been working with golfers since 2002 and he is formerly the Lead Psychologist for England Golf. Being a former professional golfer and PGA golf coach, he has the knowledge and experience to help golfers of all abilities get the very most from their game. His psychology techniques and performance philosophies are simple to understand and easy to apply.

Impact and Support for Golfers

Dan Abrahams delivers his golfing messages globally to players, clubs and governing bodies in a fun, upbeat and positive style. He has lectured for the British PGA and he works alongside some of the leading coaches in the game. His daily interactions help him stay abreast of the ever changing golfing landscape and enable him to employ cutting edge technology and modern day coaching methodologies.

Driven by results, Dan helps clients shoot lower scores and win more by introducing practical solutions to help them practice more effectively, prepare more thoroughly, perform with improved consistency and progress quicker. He has a passion to de-mystify the psychological science underpinning improvement in these four areas. Having played leading amateur golf, six years of professional golf and having helped hundreds of players improve their game as a PGA coach, he understands the holistic approach to game improvement.