Soccer Psychology - Dan Abrahams Working in Soccer

As a sport psychologist Dan Abrahams is the ‘go to’ guy for footballers globally, with a track record of incredible success at all levels of the game. He is intimate with the language of soccer and the challenges players face on a day to day basis, and he works with clients to build and execute skill under pressure, and to help them get the most from their talent.

Dan Abrahams working with Stuart Pearce at One Penalty One Chance

Coaching Support

Dan has worked alongside some of the best coaches in the game and has been praised for the originality of his methods. He works one to one with some of the leading figures in the managerial world to help them develop a world class winning culture and a high performing team.

Dan Abrahams presenting a sport psychology workshop

Empowering Workshops

Dan is renowned for being a passionate, confident and intelligent speaker. He prides himself on being able to de-mystify sport psychology and captivate an audience with his positive and powerful messages. All his ideas are practical and can be executed on the training ground immediately.

Media Popularity

Dan is a regular in the media, from guest spots on TV and on radio, to opinion pieces in newspapers and in sports magazines. To date he has been seen on Sky Sports, BT Sport, the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, and his viewpoints have been heard live on various radio shows.

Instant Outcomes, Long Term Success and the Next Level for Footballers

Dan achieves an instant impact on the performance of footballers – often within an hour of working with them – by simplifying what they are thinking both in the run up to a game and on the pitch during a match. Very few players have a structure to their thinking on and off the pitch – this is what Dan helps them build – relentlessly, effectively and efficiently. Dan helps his clients high perform time and again.

Long term success is delivered as a result of Dan’s commitment to his clients. His constant support plan supplies players with continuous feedback through in-person meetings and the use of multimedia devices. As a result many of Dan’s clients have gone on to win international caps, first team debuts, multi million pound contracts, and huge wage increases. Managers, agents and coaches frequently contact Dan to work with their players because they know that whilst his techniques are simple, they are powerful, and they help players find the next level.