Parent Series

The parent series helps parents understand the mental challenges players face on and off the pitch and provides them with tools to help their child overcome them. Discover how by watching the Parent Introduction video

What’s Inside the Parent Series?

Player Video Sessions introduce parents to the techniques used throughout the series

Parent Video Sessions contain ideas for parents to help support players to develop focus, resilience and confidence

‘Theory Corner’ videos provide parents with the science that underpins the psychological techniques introduced at the Academy

‘Soccer Parent Model’ is a series of videos giving parents practical ideas to help develop positive soccer parenting behaviours

Parent Series FAQ’s

Parents have access to both the player and parent video series. The player series introduces parents to the psychological techniques used throughout the videos, and the parent series helps parents best support their child at home and at games. It helps parents to identify specific challenges players may face such as lacking confidence, negative thinking and poor focus, and it gives them practical ideas to help players deal with these. Parents can choose to watch the player videos together with their child, which is especially recommended if your child is very young (see below), or they can watch the player series on their own and let their child work their way through the series in their own time.
When your child joins you at the Academy, they will have access to the player video series. This series provides practical tools to help players play better, develop greater resilience and deal more effectively with the challenges they face on and off the pitch.
Coaches have access to both the player and coach video series. The player series introduces coaches to the psychological techniques used throughout the videos, and the coach series explains the science behind them and teaches coaches how to best assist their players implement them. It also gives them strategies to develop their own coaching skills.
This is really up to parents to decide for themselves if they feel the Academy is appropriate for their young child. If you have a younger child who would like to get involved in the Academy, you may choose to watch the player series together with him or her, guiding them through it at your child’s pace. The parent series also addresses how parents of younger children can help them get the most from the Academy. Some parents may decide their child is too young to use the Academy and may choose to use it as a resource for themselves to learn how to best support their child in their soccer.
Inviting your child and their coach to join you at the Academy is easy, all you need is their email address. They’ll immediately be sent details of how to register themselves and join you. Parents of younger children can also sign their child up themselves.