“Ok, I’m want to train to the best of my ability today. The most important thing is I train to learn…I train to improve…

How am I going to do this?

I have to make my training INTENTIONAL – this means it has to be interesting, intense, integrated and internalised.

What does this mean?

Interesting and intense – I need to set a goal to grab my focus of attention. I need to make this session interesting. I’m going to work on using my left foot more. So I’m going to try to receive the ball more often with a different body shape so I can control the ball and pass with my left foot.

By doing this I’m going to make the training session intense. It’s intense, not just physically but mentally because I’m taking a risk. I’m coming out of my comfort zone by receiving the ball and passing with my left foot. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, it may be ugly, but that’s ok. I have to deal with that. I have to try to improve every training session.

Integrated – I have to strive to get some feedback from the coaches about this goal. I will also ask them to spot anything else they see that I can improve. That third eye will help me be more aware of my current ability to play with my left foot. It will help me strive to improve it even more.

Internalised – as I’m training I need to self-reflect in the moment – am I getting this right? How can I do this even better? Is my body shape correct? Does my first touch allow me to play a pass with my left foot? Am I striking the ball confidently with my left?

I have to take charge of my training. It’s not up to my coaches, it’s up to me. I am responsible, it’s about me. I can’t rely on my coaches to do it for me, I have to drive my training mindset. I have to train intentionally.”