“On my toes…toes…toes…show for it…toes….toes…keep working, keep going…check shoulders….work, work….” The inner voice and the actions of one of my clients during a warm up – the most crucial part of the game. Why the most important? Because it’s the part that makes or breaks your afternoon or evening game. It builds or kills momentum. It’s the secret to a great game. Let me tell you more.

Testosterone isn’t anger. Testosterone is intensity. Testosterone is a scintillating response to challenge. Testosterone is impact. Testosterone is head up, vision, quick feet and movement. It’s a performance cocktail that lays down tracks of incredible.

If adrenaline is 100 metres, testosterone is a lap of the stadium. Testosterone isn’t the now, it’s the now and the next 90 minutes. And this makes it the kind of hormone a footballers need to release as they grace the pitch to warm up. So let’s develop a mental warm up:

Start with agility – quick feet. Quick feet. On your toes. Pump your feet up and down as quick as you can. Make your agility focused and intentional. Remember, this is a mental warm up as much as a physical one. What we know in science is that as much as your psych affects your body, so your body affects your psych. Get your body moving!

Vocal and on your toes in keep ball – remain on your toes for the keep ball. Add your voice into the mix. Double the dosage! Keep incredible body language – show everyone else strength, power and pace. Lend the ball and move sharply to get it back. Lend it, get it back. Lend it, get it back! Use a loud, clear voice. Be a leader!

Take risk but avoid judgement – With extra testosterone running through your bloodstream you’ll be tempted to take risk in your keep ball warm up. Do so. That’s fine. That’s cool. But refrain from judgement. If you clip a tough to find pass and you don’t make it deal with it in an instant. Just carry on. Risk reinforces that heightened feeling of competitiveness. It fuels excellence and leaves you dripping in intensity.

That is incredible football psychology…and now you are ready to play!

Picture courtesy of Shutterstock.