Relentless strikers deliver non stop. They work harder, they work better. They know no bounds. They play head up, they gather in information every second and they act on that information. They demonstrate incredible football psychology. Do you? Here’s how…read and repeat after me….read and repeat….read and repeat…

I am a relentless striker. I play head up. I see more, I do more.

I have no fear of head up. I have rock solid football psychology. Why? BECAUSE I’VE PRACTICED PLAYING HEAD UP IN EVERY TRAINING SESSION. I’ve engaged in deliberate practice. I’ve engaged non stop in deliberate practice. Comfort in training isn’t for me – it’s my zone for the uncomfortable. It’s my zone of pain, so matchday becomes my zone of pleasure.

I play head up. I check my shoulders and gather in the information. In a nano second, in a flash I know what to do with this information. I know because I’ve used training as a platform to turn my thoughts into perception. I’ve turned think and do into perceive and do. I’ve turned think and do into see and do.

Speed of thought is my rod and my staff. Speed of thought is my future potential. Speed of thought will determine my trajectory. Speed of thought will dictate my biography. I practice speed of thought everyday.

I love space. I yearn for space. I know the opposition will limit what I love, but I crave it more than they do. I will find it before them. I will reach it before them. And if they leave few gaps – if they are disciplined – I will trust my training. I will trust the hours of head up and scan, head up and scan. I will trust that I will see the small hole, the small space when it does open up. No matter how minute, no matter how small it is.

I love to take shots. I dream about taking shots. Powerful strikes. Incredible strikes. Head over the ball – low! Low and hard. Low and tough to save. Because that is what I do. I take ‘hard to save’ shots.

I know I can’t control whether I score but I don’t care. I know I won’t score in some games but that is fine. As long as I’m giving my best, giving my all, that is all I can ask for. As long as I’m finding space and getting shots away that is all I can do. That is my football psychology.

Nerveless! I’m nerveless. When I bear down on goal, whether one to one or outside the area I’m nerveless. I’m a striker who cares but doesn’t care. I care and I show this in training. But on matchday as long as I execute my role to my best that is all I can do. I can’t do anymore. I can’t expect anymore. It’s enough. I can’t care more than that.

I rehearse all of this daily. I see all of this daily. I feel all of this daily. I picture this image of success daily. It makes me who I am. It makes me the striker I am. It gives me the brain I’ve got. A striker’s brain. A world class striker’s brain. That is who I am. That is my football psychology!