The very best show it through their body. They radiate confidence as they compete. Ronaldo – tall, striking and powerful. Messi – non stop, sharp, alert and alive. Casillas – dominant, demanding and commanding. The champions use their body like a machine that powers their mind – their game intelligence, their focus, their confidence, their freedom, their intensity and their want. Here’s how to keep a great body as you compete.

The next time you are on the pitch, whether it is in training or in a match….I want you to resist trying to win or trying to play at your best. I want you to focus on an exercise that will allow that to happen. All outcomes take care of themselves

Quite simply I want you to hold incredible body language. That is all! I want you to be relentless with your body language. I want you to hold yourself tall and be non stop about this kind of posture. This will help your body pump the kind of hormones through your bloodstream that helps you feel great (no matter what!)

I want you to be on your toes as all times – toes, toes, toes, toes. This will help you stay alert, alive and lively. It will help you stay athletic.

I want you to be head up – get that 360 degree picture in and be ready to move and act on what you see. I want you to be relentless with checking your shoulders – the best players are!

I want you to have one hand on your gear stick. Move with more intensity if you have to, or slow down and relax if need be. Both are attained by being attuned to your body – by focusing on your head, your shoulders, your knees and toes.

Every action you take, every action you make counts every second of every training session and every game.

To help you slot into this kind of mentality I want you to use your imagination. I want you to imagine that there is someone to the side of the pitch who is constantly taking photos of you playing. This person is going to give you a mark out of 10 for your body language. You goal is to make sure your observer is going to give you 8/10 or above for maintaining incredible body language.

When you get those pictures given to you I want you to see a series of snapshots that show you keeping the most incredible body language any soccer player could ever keep.

Doing this is a great way to practice your soccer psychology. As a football psychologist It’s something I ask my clients to do in every training session and in every match.