Performing in sport is like performing on the stage. It’s like being an actor. Brad Pitt has a gift for acting and knows his lines. Lionel Messi has a gift for soccer and knows his role on the pitch. Both know how to express their abilities at the right time and in the right moment.

This is a long distance shot of me on stage in Spain during one of the many workshops and presentations I deliver globally. For me I know the content of my speaking engagements is very important. But more significant is my delivery.

On stage I have to be a great actor. I have to take my audience on a journey. I have to peak their interest through expression, emotion and passion. I have to bring my subject matter alive, not just through words but also through gesture and body language. I have to convince my audience that they too should use my methods – halfheartedness never sells!

Be a world class actor when you compete. Be the Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie of your sport. Act focused. Act with confidence. Act like you have enormous amounts of self-belief. Act with the type of emotions that help you compete under pressure. Act with intensity. Act in a manner that helps you relax.

To act is to do. ‘Do’ the things that help you play at your best and you may find yourself slotting into that elusive zone – that peak performing mindset.