Whenever I deliver at a conference or at one of the many workshops I conduct globally, I’m often asked “Do you believe a player is born or made”. My answer may be somewhat cryptic. A player is born and made. Human performance is mediated by nature and nurture, in all their glorious complexities. Your end goal is never guaranteed. But one thing is sure – you need to be a no limit soccer player.

No one can tell you how good you can be. No one can tell you whether you have it or you don’t. That is for you to decide and you alone. If someone wants to tell you that you can’t, then the most practical response is “Ok, well how can I?”

Only you get to choose what you want to do. Just you, no one else. You may not be in complete control of your trajectory – that is a matter for debate – but youcan choose to do the things that will help you speed towards your destination.

You can choose to make the right decisions everyday. You can choose to train with intelligence everyday. You can choose to deliver on the right attitude everyday. By and large you can choose to have an outstanding mindset everyday.

Some days excellence seems as distant as the furthest planets. Other days it lies 6 inches in front of your face. Whether it is close by or somewhere on the horizon, excellence must be your driving creed.

Be a no limit footballer. Employ football psychology to be the very best you can be. Train your body and your mind. Can you be the best footballer in the world? Probably not! But you can choose to do the things that help you become the very best that you can be. That is a choice.

Choose no limit. It’s great soccer psychology. And it’s worth it.