A dominant mindset in soccer is a form of thinking that anyone can commit to. With time and patience and practice even the most relaxed of players can make dominance a habit. This is a vital part of your soccer psychology.

A dominant mindset is not necessarily about playing better than the opposition. It is not necessarily about scoring more or conceding less. It certainly doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be the best player on your team.

A dominant mindset refers to being in charge of your own mindset. It means taking charge of every thought you think, every thought you have. It means that you mentally react and respond in the most effective, productive and confident way possible every single second of the game.

Can you control your first response to every challenge you encounter on the pitch? Possibly not! But you can manage your second, third and fourth responses. This kind of mind management is the domain of the dominant soccer player.

I want you to commit to the dominant mindset. Do so in every training session. Do so in every match. Be relentless with your dominant mindset. Make it a habit that’s hard to get out of.

Take a little time to picture your new dominant mindset. About five minutes a day is enough. Make your inner pictures big and bold and bright. As you let your dominant mindset swirl around your brain let a feeling of belief course through your body. Rehearsing this form of excellence on a regular basis will help you act out your dominant mindset come match day.

That, quite simply, is world class football psychology.