Profile the Next Level

Every athlete must do it! Every golfer, every footballer, ever tennis player...every sports competitor alive must do it. It's a non negotiable must. It's a critical essential. It must be part of your performance culture, it must be part of [...]

When Your Golf Game Goes Wrong!

Here is another interview from the guys at Golf Juice TV ( In this four minute clip I talk about mentally strategising for when it goes wrong on the course. It's a crucial (yet rarely talked about) mental process to [...]

Golf Psychology with Golf Juice

I did an interview with the guys from Golf Juice TV. We spent a few hours filming so there will be more to come. If you get a chance have a look at their website here: Click on the [...]

Your Inner Caddy

At the BMW PGA Golf Championship this year I had one remit - help PGA Club professional make the cut. He had played in Europe's premier golf event 6 times before but had never made the weekend. So we got [...]