The ability to perform in the moment is a skill world class sports performers must develop if they are to win on the international stage. Pressure must be dealt with effectively, decisions made quickly, obstacles overcome, collaborative effort delivered leading to opposition beaten. Competition in the sporting world is intense but for workers in Corporations and SMEs ‘performance moments’ arrive everyday sometimes without prior planning or preparation. The Corporate and SME worker faces the same challenge as an elite sports competitor – evolve, improve, develop and perform – or lose!

Get the Sport Edge with Dan Abrahams

Dan works with Corporate and SME teams and individuals to help them achieve maximum results by teaching them the philosophies, techniques and practices of the world’s leading sports organisations, teams and competitors. He calls it the ‘Sport Edge’.

Sport Edge Psychology Workshops

Dan Abrahams is passionate about bringing his knowledge and experiences from high performance sport into Corporations and SME’s. He does this using a unique blend of strategies developed from sport, as well as from cutting edge research into neuroscience, mindset and solution focus.

Dan’s goal is simple – to engage leaders and employees in the positive process of improvement as individuals and as part of a team.

Sport Edge is a fun, dynamic, upbeat, but above all informative presentation or facilitation that introduces delegates to sport and performance psychology techniques used by Olympians and elite athletes that help them become world class in their sport and world beaters on the international stage.

Sport Edge can be delivered in a workshop to suit your time constraints – a full day, half a day or breakfast meeting options are available.

  • Staying Ahead of the Pack
    The mindset principle that won England the rugby world cup and lifted Great British cycling to the top of the world and how to implement this simple idea yourself.
  • Planning
    How a certain type of negative thinking leads to Gold Medals – and how it can lead to positive outcomes.
  • Being Solution Oriented
    How you can learn to think effectively from copying ‘the flea’ – the greatest footballer on the planet.
  • Productiveness
    A way to deal with the most destructive workplace habit and how sports people manage this ‘effectiveness killer’ to become champions.
  • Staying Cool Under Pressure
    How world class athletes manage stress and emotions and how to apply their formula to the office.
  • Collaborating
    Why taking the same bio-chemistry class as Muhammad Ali can help you deal with people the way he did – and why that’s a good thing!.
  • Personal Improvement
    How elite sports competitors practice and what this can do for your own self-improvement.