I’m delighted to say that Soccer Tough is hitting new heights globally. It is a bestseller in the UK, the States and in Australasia. Reviews have been excellent. Below is some feedback from coaches and the results they’ve had using the book:

From Terry Mason – Level 4 FA Qualified Goalkeeping Coach
Position – Head Goalkeeping Coach Southend United F.C

“One of the Goalkeepers at the Football Club (who shall remain nameless) has recently been reading Dan Abrahams Book ‘Soccer Tough’ and the accompanying Audio CD. In a short time I have noticed a big change in his self belief and confident body language. After conversations with the Goalkeeper he puts a major part of the positive change down to the book and how it’s completely changed his mind set. One example is that he now approaches games with a positive mind set and how he is no longer going into matches afraid of making mistakes. He now sees matches as a stage on which he can display his abilities rather than go into his shell.”

From Matty Nickels
Position – Coach of the U18 Lisburn Rangers side in Northern Ireland

“Using Soccer Tough I extracted principles and techniques on self image and playing with confidence. Principles like dwelling on the positives instead of negatives, as well as visualise upcoming tackles, headers, shots etc, were explained as part of our training schedules. As coaches we made conscious efforts to enforce the positives and use the term ‘right idea’ instead of ‘unlucky’. Last week we lost our first league game 15-0, leaving everyone, including me, doubting our abilities. The afternoon was spent licking my wounds but in the evening I set about creating a plan for the following game (a plan based on many of the principles in Soccer Tough.) 2 sessions on defending principles, like we had done the previous 2 weeks, only coupled with taking time improving the self image of myself and the players. I highlighted individuals positives openly while explaining how they can use these to grow their perception through the week. The result was a 5-2 victory over a top side. Night and day from the previous week! The book has many examples and techniques on the psychology of a footballer and how to improve it. Each is explained in simple terminology that will make even the biggest sceptics take notice. It has rejuvenated my motivation as a coach as well as setting us off on a season of exceeding expectations.”