Being a lead golf psychologist for the Surrey County Golf Union I have the pleasure of working alongside some of the brightest young golfing talent in the country. This year is no exception, and I’m loving the work I’m doing with our county under 16 golfers.

All of these players have the ambition and drive to compete as a professional golfer on the European Tour and despite an abundance of ability it’s going to take all of them a lot of hard work to get there.

My role is to help them build their mental toughness by giving them very simple skills to develop their golfing brain.

My time with them brings back memories. I myself competed in Surrey county and went on to become a professional golfer. And it was my time as a leading amateur and mini-tour professional golfer that sparked my interest in sport psychology and mental toughness.

I’m looking forward to mentoring them throughout the 2011 golfing season.