The Dragon!

I recently received an e mail from Soccer Tough reader Brian Townshend. He sent me a clip that he had made for his son with ideas from my global bestselling book Soccer Tough. He has taken the 'Animal Technique' and [...]

Coaching Well Being

In this short but powerful article, football coach (at a professional Dutch Academy) and sport psychologist Mauro Van de Looij, shares with you his thoughts on coaching with well being and development in mind. "Football is war." Rinus Michels, former [...]

The Listening Coach

What is the most underrated of coaching skills? I'm sure opinions vary, but to my mind the ability to listen is the least trained ability that coaches possess. It's taken for granted, rarely taken seriously enough, and often overlooked on [...]

The Blame Game

Tune in to Match of the Day on a Saturday night (if you happen to be English) then you'll likely hear the same tired excuses from managers after a tragic loss. It was the referees fault...the fans aren't behind us...the [...]

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